Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Soda Stream

Want to hear a cute story?  You do?  Good!  I told you guys that Mr. McGhee is gone working this week.  Even though he's working seven 24-hour shifts, he still comes home each day to catch a few hours of sleep and a shower.  The last two evenings, Mr. McGhee has called me in the middle of the night (now bear in mind, my minis are in bed at 7:30 and I am by 9, so anything after 8 pm is the middle of the night to me).  Anyway, Mr. McGhee has called me on his way home from work in the middle of the night to ask what he can stop and grab to eat on his way home.  Now, let me tell you about Mr. McGhee.....he's a guy's guy....a sports-loving, beer-drinking, throw a brat on the grill sort of guy.  When we got to fancy schmancy work function and the waiter says, "what can I get you to drink?  Wine?  Scotch?"  Mr. McGhee will ask, "whatcha got on tap?"  And I'm all like, "I'll take a margarita, fresh-squeezed organic lime juice, a teaspoon of agave nectar, and a shot and a half of tequila.  And I want the good tequila, not that cheap crap."  And then Mr. McGhee shoots the waiter a look that says try living with that, buddy you heard my lady, get her a drink.

So, anyway....Mr. McGhee, ordering a salad from the golden arches as he is tired, overworked, and hungry, is a way cute story. 

Speaking of Mr. McGhee, do we have any coke, soda, pop lovers here?  That's another thing Mr. McGhee loved that I yanked out of his life.  Listen, soda is gross.  The only thing you should buy coke for is to clean your toilet which apparently it does better than any toilet bowl cleaner you can buy.  I read that on the internet, so it must be true. 

I bought a soda stream for Mr. McGhee a few weeks ago and we are all loving it. 

Homemade soda!  The first thing you do when you buy the soda stream is throw out all the sample bottles that come with it.  Then you fill up that bottle with water, pull the lever 3 times...and you have fizzy bubbly water!  Mr. McGhee is hardcore and drinks his straight up (I told you he was a guy's guy).  The minis and I love ours with a splash of pomegranate juice and a lime wedge. 

For those of you that drink soda for caffeine, I recommend sticking with coffee or tea for your caffeine kick.  For those of you that drink soda for the fizzy flavor, SODA STREAM!  It's the best!  Take it from this guy, sporting the orange Crush shirt....