Monday, January 14, 2013

Lunch Lady on a Diet

Like everyone else in America, I am currently battling a few "holiday pounds".  Which means, like everyone else in America, I am currently on a diet/cutting back/counting calories.  Which means, like everyone else in America, I am hungry and cranky.

So, if you're in the same boat as I am here is a couple of lunch ideas that I have been rotating lately.  The first is a yummy spinach and fruit salad.

Heids McGhee Winter Fruit Salad

1.  Combine all the ingredients.

This salad is very delish.  Super healthy too!

My other favorite lunch is turkey roll-ups.  My disclaimer is that this is a very processed meal, but it is convenient and would be the perfect lunch to pack to take with you to work.

Turkey Roll-up
  • tortillas
  • cream cheese, I used garlic and herb Laughing Cow (when I make these for the minis, I use hummus
  • turkey slices (I get sliced oven roasted turkey breast from my local deli)
  • pepper slices (I also like to add cucumber)
1.  Slather your cheese or hummus on your tortilla.
2.  Add your turkey and veggies and roll.

I love these.  THey're quick to make and convenient to pack.  They'll make all your coworkers with their lame diet lunches feel like a schmuck.  And that will ease your on a diet/counting calories/cutting back crankiness.