Thursday, January 3, 2013

We made it....Happy New Year!

I know that I am a few days overdue on my New Years post.  I apologize, but I've been busy sipping my coffee and savoring this....

 ...and revisiting my childhood with moments like this.....

 ....and trying desperately to keep up with this.....

 ....while my heart was full from moments like this.....

Vacation of a lifetime.  Good-bye 2012.  Welcome 2013.

So, everyone wants to know.....did we do it?  Did we give up all processed food for an entire year.  Not exactly.  Here's a few things that by the end of the year had crept back into our lives....

  • store bought tortillas
  • flavored yogurt for the minis
  • store bought garlic hummus
  • Oberweis chocolate milk
  • processed lunch meat and hot dogs
  • beer, wine, and Starbucks
I am still extremely proud of how well we did.  

Another question I have been asked...."will you continue blogging?"  ABSOLUTELY!  I still will have lots of recipes to share, as my family will continue to eat as unprocessed as possible.  And I am certain the mini McGhees will continue to supply me with blogging material.

Finally, everyone keeps asking me about my 2013 resolution.  I am known for making BIG up caffeine, running a marathon, and going 100% homemade have been my last 3 years' resolutions.  I have decided that in 2013, I am going to keep it simple.  I resolve to play more board games with Mr. McGhee and the minis.  

Probably not going to blog about that one.  

But, stick with me, I will continue blogging about my 2012 resolution.  I went through my entire blog and put together a list (WITH links) of my favorites from 2012.  So, be sure to pin this on pinterest or save it under your bookmarks, because you may find yourself consulting it regularly.  

Best Veggies of 2012

Best Crockpot Meals of 2012
Best Smoothie Recipes of 2012

Best Salads of 2012
Best Recipes According to the Minis of 2012
Best Grill/Outdoor Cooking Recipes of 2012
The recipes with the *!*!* next to them are what I call my "Heids McGhee's superstars".  These are the recipes of 2012 that I got raving feedback from.  They're my babies, so if you haven't tried them, make sure you do!!!!!

And that's a wrap of 2012!  I really want to say thank you to everyone who has followed the McGhee's through our unprocessed adventure.  You all kept me motivated many times when I wanted to give up and reach for the Kraft mac and cheese!  

Here's to 2013.....