Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fancy Water

Are we all out happily shopping for new wardrobes, thanks to all the weight we've dropped from drinking sassy water?  OK, so my suspicions were correct....sassy water doesn't actually help you to lose weight.  But it does make you feel sassy, sophisticated, and hydrated.

Something else I have started drinking is called Fancy Water.  Fancy water is basically a homemade raspberry-flavored water.  It's super easy to put together.  And it's very tasty.  And it's super fancy, so the next time your fancy friends come over, pour them a glass.

Fancy water

  • fresh raspberries
  • water
  • mint leaves
1.  Pour a container of raspberries into a glass pitcher.
2.  Add a bunch of mint leaves.
3.  Fill pitcher with water.
4.  Let sit over-night and start your morning off feeling fancy the following day.