Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day slacker

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and for the last two weeks I've been seeing moms on pinterest pinning things like this....

and this....

and this.....

and this....

So, I've been thinking that all these moms have seen these pictures and thought, "oh, how cute, I'll pin all these things so that I can look at all these cute pictures for the next few days."  Um, no.  Come to find out, these moms are actually making these things!  So then, I started feeling like a slacker mom.  And I was totally okay with being a slacker mom.  Until this morning.

I was driving the minis to school and the radio announcer was talking about building traps at home to catch the leprechauns.  That prompted this conversation....

Middle mini:  Mommy, I wonder what the leprechauns are going to bring us for St Patrick's Day.
Heids McGhee:  What do you mean, honey?  
Middle mini:  Tommy told me that if you don't leave the leprechauns anything, they will play tricks on you.  But, if you leave the leprechauns gold, they will leave you a present.  So, I was wondering what present they are going to give us when we leave gold out for them tonight.
Heids McGhee:  Well, honey.  hmmm.  I don't know anything about that, but I am pretty certain the leprechauns are not bringing you any gifts.  What I wanted to say....dude, your leprechaun went to Target the other day to buy coffee beans and left having spent $358.  There are few guarantees in life, but I can say with complete certainty that your leprechaun is not buying you any gifts.  How about you put on a green t-shirt tomorrow and I promise not to pinch you?

So, I have to know who is buying their minis gifts for St. Patrick's Day?  Seriously.  I want to know.  And where are you finding the gold to leave for the leprechauns?  And, could you please tell your minis that the gold and leprechaun gifts are your family's little secret?!?!

So, of course that conversation sent me in a panic and  feeling the need to something for the freaking leprechauns.  I found these easy recipe online, so we will be making leprechaun candy.  

  • bunch of Green Grapes
  • 1 pkg Lime Jello
1.  Wash your grapes thoroughly, you want them to be a little wet so the gelatin powder sticks to them. 
2.  Place the gelatin powder on a plate and roll grapes into the powder, completely covering.  Using two spoons is helpful here.  Or you can simply place the powder in a zip lock back, drop a handful of grapes in at a time and shake until covered.  
3.  Refrigerate for several hours. 

When they are done they are supposed to look like this picture, which I got from the Sweet Treats and More Website.

And, yes, I am well aware that lime flavored jello is processed food.  And to be truthful, I am a little pissed off that this is sitting in my pantry right now....

 I am telling myself it's okay because the minis won't be eating them since we are leaving them out for the leprechauns.  Which means they'll be chucked in the cornfield behind our house as soon as the minis are asleep.

And, of course, once the minis wake up they'll be expecting a gift.  Instead, they will get a rainbow of fruit for breakfast along with a blarney scone.  See, in all my frantic-ness this morning, I made a quick stop at Great Harvest, where the sweet lady wearing a "Prepare To Meet Your Baker" shirt told me that they do indeed bake their mint chocolate chip scones from scratch.  And even though they weren't baked from scratch in my kitchen and they are chock-full of green food coloring, I caved in a bought three.  

So, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  For all you moms that go all tomorrow, I am sure you will need one of these by the end of the day....